102nd Batch of Barli Graduates celebrate their
Graduation ceremony with great joy
The 102nd Graduation ceremony of Barli Development
Institute for Rural Women was organized with great
enthusiasm on 9th May 2012 at 11.00 a.m at the
Institute’s Campus located at 180, Bhamori.  The Chief
guest of the Graduation Ceremony was Prof (Dr).
Balkrishna Nilose (ex-Principal, Holkar Science
College, Indore); who was accompanied by Shri Arun
Vaidya (senior artist) and Mrs Vaidya as special
guests. The chairperson was Dr(Mrs) Sunita Malviya
(member of Board of directors) who was accompanied
by Board members Dr (Mrs) Janak Palta McGilligan,
and Dr (Mrs) Shirin Mahalati.  
Welcoming the guests, the Director of Institute Mrs
Tahera Jadhav introduced all the invitees. She
congratulated the women–trainees and said that the
Institute strives to build human resources in the form
of training the tribal women.  Quoting from the Baha’i
spiritual writings she said that, "The well-being of
mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable
unless and until its unity is firmly established." She
expressed hope that the trainees will achieve great
progress through their hard work and high aspirations
by virtue of which they will be able to uplift their family
and society.
The Chief guest Prof.
Nilose quoted from the
life of Mahatma Gandhi
and said that our lives
should be dedicated for
a noble cause and
make the rural areas
self-reliant. The special
guest Mr Arun Vaidya
congratulated the
trainees and said that
this course will be a
turning point in the lives
of the rural women.
There were cultural presentations by women-trainees in
which Rekha and group sang a song on importance of
literacy in developing oneself. The 3 volunteers serving at
the Institute, viz. Ms Holly and Rebecca (from USA), and
Ms Elisa (Germany) sang an inspirational song on
changing our world with our own hands
The ceremony also marked the conclusion of a
3-day training workshop on Maintenance and
Use of SK -14 Solar cookers in which 7 women
participants were granted certificates. All the 88
trainees were also presented certificates during
the program.
This Graduation Programme was organized for the
88 women-trainees who successfully completed
their six-months training at the Institute. They were
mostly young tribal and rural women who had come
from 42 villages of Dhar, Alirajpur, Khandwa,
Khargone, Badwani districts of Madhya Pradesh.
Most of the trainees of the batch were illiterates,
semi-literate or school drop-outs, but at the end of
the 6-month training they became empowered to
appear in the National Institute of Open Schooling
Vocational Examination.
In his vote of thanks the Chief Operating Officer Mr Yogesh Jadhav thanked one
and all, and said that the trainees will continue to bring about the transformation of
the rural society. The event was conducted by the program officer Mrs Taru Jamre.
The board member Dr Janak Palta McGilligan said that
throughout the past 26 years she had learnt a lot from the
Institute’s evolution. And whenever she visits it even today,
she learns new things. She blessed the trainees and
expressed hope that all of them will make great progress
each day. The board member Dr (Mrs) Shirin Mahalati
conveyed her best wishes to the trainees and said that the
Institute is inspired by the Baha’i spiritual writings which
advocates equality of man and woman. She said that each
one of the trainees can become a lighted candle and
enlighten the rural areas through their knowledge.
Summarising the day’s addresses, the chairperson Dr
(Mrs) Sunita Malviya quoted from Mahadevi Verma’s
poem and said that we should learn to apply all the
learnings in our own lives.