HIV/AIDS Awareness Program at Barli Development Institute
The Barli Development Institute for Rural Women (Indore) organized an HIV/AIDS awareness program
at the Institute’s campus on 28th December 2011 , 3:30 pm, titled: “Women’s health and HIV/AIDS”.
Welcoming the guests the Director, Mrs Tahera Jadhav gave a
brief introduction about the Institute’s training activities and said
that the Institute imparts knowledge about HIV/AIDS subject
through its Health curriculum. She said that gaining awareness
about HIV/AIDS is very important in today’s life for everyone,
especially for rural and tribal women. Leading a pure and holy life
before and after marriage is a very important element for
ensuring that the married couple is loyal to each other and thus
helps preventing this disease. This is important from both a
moral point of view as well as from a practical viewpoint towards
leading a happy married life.
Dr (Mrs) Neerja Pauranik (consultant and head) Gynaecological department, Bombay Hospital (Indore),
who was the principal speaker for the program gave an informational presentation on the theme. In her
presentation she elaborated on the symptoms, prevention and treatment of the disease, and urged the
trainees to spread awareness among themselves and their communities.
Currently 3 students from ITM Business School
(Mumbai) who are pursuing their internship in the
Institute, also took part in the program. Student-
interns , Ms Pravjot Gandhi, Hashwin Chawla and Ms
Swarali Marathe  presented a thought-provoking skit
on the topic of HIV/AIDS awareness. The women-
trainees of the Institute’s 102nd batch presented a
beautiful tribal song on the theme which was
appreciated by one and all.
It was indeed a thought provoking program for the
trainees, when most of them had heard about the
disease for the first time.

The program was attended by 95 rural and tribal
women from 40 villages of Dhar, Alirajpur, Khargone,
Badwani, Khandwa and Burhanpur districts of
Madhya Pradesh. The event was conducted by Ms
Rekha Kewat and a vote of thanks was proposed by
Mr Yogesh Jadhav (Chief Operating Officer).