International Solar Food Processing Conference 2009
Remarks in Visitors Book by Participants to the Conference
Name Address Country
K.S. Jairaj, Indore  India    
It is really a great service to the rural women of
Madhya Pradesh. I wish God will give you people
enough strength to carry on this service to mankind.
Mrs. Janaki Rajaram AIWC
New Delhi
Excellent programme
Ramkrishna Mohanta
Sri Anroindo Ashram
New Delhi India
It was interesting and informative. We got many new
information for this Conference
Holger Braun- Thuermann
Berlin, Germany
Thanks for all!
Ms. Chandra Prabha Pandey
New Delhi, India AIWC  
Excellent conference, good hospitality. Lots of
information. Congratulations all.
Maria Lorena Harp
Oaxaca, Mexico
Precious place, made me feel in house.
Congratulations by the excellent work conestast
precious women. Thanks.
translated from Spanish
Sonia Heptonstall
Geneva Switzerland
Thank you so much for anexcellent conference and
the opportunity to make new solar foods.
Bishalakshi Paul Chowdhury
Surat. India
Very good experience gave me new vision to look at
the world around me. Thanks for the hospitality.
Bev Blum
Solar Cookers International
Association Network USA
Thanks beyond measure for hosting this important
conference and wonderful hospitality.
M K Rawat
Indore India
Very successful conference.We knew the works
going on in the whole world in solar food processing
in this conference. Very useful information. Thanks.
Dr. N.M Nahar
Jodhpur India
Very well organized conference. Excellent
arrangements and speakers from all over the world
have imparted excelled knowledge of solar food
processing. Thanks.
Rajiv Misra,
Sri Aurobindo Ashram,
New Delhi India
Unlike many conferences that I have attended, this
one was serious stuff. The time of the participants
was utilized for the conference only and for
visiting Indore. Gave a good insight to the solar
cooking concept as a whole.
KN Tewari
Bhilai India
A unique initiative. I am planning to introduce solar
cooking in my native village in rural eastern UP.
S.J Palra
Gujarat  India
Michael Gotz,
Geneva Switzerland
What a wonderful experience to be hosted by Barli. I
thank you all so much!
Crosby Menzies
Reynolds view  South Africa
Barli Institute is a wonderful place and we hope you
will continue all the good work. Shine on! Thank
P.C. Maithani New Delhi India
Remarkable experience.
He also wrote in an email
Dear Ms  McGilligan,
This  mail is to congrutulate you and the Barli team for  
successfully organizing  the event during 14-16 January
I would also like to put on record that the conference was
successful in meeting its major objective of  exploring
opportunities for accelerated solar cooking  application.
The interest and representation from developed &
developing countries was particularly very encouraging.  
Presence of solar cooking pioneers like Mr Scheffler and
Shri Deepak Gadhia  was reflection of highest level
participation.  I do hope some concrete action plan will
emanate as an outcome.   

I take this opportunity to  also thank entire Barli team for
the hospitability.

With regards

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
B-14 CGO Complex Lodhi Road
New Delhi-110003

PS: please convey my special regards  to Mr McGilligan-
meeting him was indeed a pleasure.
Aline Desentis
Oaxaca, Mexico
Barli Institute is an example for all who want to
change from the roots, thanks!
R.M. Gondane
Good effort to promote solar energy. Detailed course
studies are necessary.
Celestino Rodrigues Remiro
Caligos Portugal
Please use the sun in the right way. The planet
thanks you.
He also wrote in an email
Dear "Solar" Friends
I have enjoyed so much the days during the conference at
Barli institute and also the visits. Many thanks.
Best "solar" regards and love
Celestino Ruivo
Great work and please dokeep us informed about the
conference, a good learning experience.
Klaus Friebe RSA`
Wonderful Also Wrote in email
have returned safely to South Africa and would like to take
this opportunity to thank you both for your tremendous
effort to make this Conference a success. I am sure there is
a big vacuum at Barli after every one left and lots of work
to restore and clean. We appreciate it very muc
Shashi Khanal
It was very interesting and useful for all.
Annette Graj-Strothteicher
Freiberg Germany
It was wonderful
Dr. G.R. Pandhare
Mahasashtra India
I am very impressed by the works undertaken by
this institute for the development of rural women,
Beautiful eco-friendly campus
Lukhi Surat India
Very good workshops
Vikas Kumar Aharwal
SDDS, DAW, Indore  India
Really good.
William IIboudo Bukina Faso
Margaret Owino
Great! She Also wrote in email
Hello to Jimmy and Janek,

This is Margaret Owino calling in to say thank you very much for
hosting a wonderful conference, for hosting me and sharing your
work and girls with me the last three days.

I was honored to stay at the institute and also to teach your trainers
how to make fireless cookers - it was not easy communicating but
you have very intelligent girls / trainers and we managed

Thanks for taking me to the organic farm and also showing me a
bit of Indore city and country side, the time was well used - more
than ever thank you for sharing your house with me and your meals
without any charge, that was very generous of you and it is
appreciated very much.

Finally, I pray that one day we too can have an institute where we
can demonstrate all solar applications and more on empowerment
of women and youth in general.
May you be blessed,

Regards and greetings to the girls and the staff of Barli.

Shyam S. Nandou
Porto Rico
Excellent organization/meal/hospitality/
accomodation. Congratulations to organizations, staff
and collaborators!
Jennifer Mclntosh- ISES
Thank you to Jimmy and Janak and everyone at
Barli for helping us pull together a great conference.
This has been a great experience. Keep up the Great
Eg. Tilak Chavda- SPRERI
The conference was very nice  and it has improved
my knowledge of the solar processing field. Please
organize this type of conference every year. Many
thanks to the organizing committee.
Rigal Ghetia
Seminars helped people working in solar food
processing field to exchange the ideas and better
understand solar food technologies practiced in
various parts of the globe. Congratulations on
He also wrote in an email
Thanks for arranging such a nice Intl solar food
processing conference. It was really informative and
enjoying- enabled to come in contact with people
working to develop solar food processing techniques.
Prakash Chandra
Durgapur-9 India
It was a great pleasure to attend the SFP conference
and feel very at home with  Jimmy and Janak
McGilligan. I enjoyed and learned a lot. The
couple are really doing the nicest job- very noble one.
Malay Karmsusr
Durgapur, W.B. India.
I am highly delighted by the warm and hearty
welcome by Mr. and Mrs. McGilligan during
the conference on solar food processing. We are
going back with lovely memories to my hometown
Durgapur. God bless them.
Dr. Padma Harshan
Bhopal India
Wrote in an email
Dear Mr.Jimmy Sir,

We thank one and all from Barli to give us all those
positive energy and getting re-energize by the wonderful
presentations by Mr.Deepak and others from institutes
specially from Gujarat so that we can do more good work
with the support of you and others who are already in the
Hope to meet you and Janak mam once again!

With warm regards,

Dr.Padma Harshan
Ajay Chandak Dhule India
Wrote in an Email
Dear Jimmy
Organising the conference was a great task you did
extremely well. Kudos to you and Janakji. You guys made
everybody feel at home.

Do let me know if I can be of any use.
Shirole Govardhan Tulshiram
Ahmednagar India
Wrote in an email:

Hearty congratulations to Jimmi& Janak Mc Gilligan for
successful organization of International Solar food
processing conference