On Thursday 24th September 2009 more than 150 youth from 14 states and Union  Territories of India with their 80 years of age leader the Renowned  DR. S.N. Subba Rao A fellow of Gandhi Peace Foundation, and founder of The National Youth Project. and other local youth leaders visited the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women during a 5 day Youth Camp in Indore Madhya Pardesh.

They were first given a tour of the Institute in groups of approximately 40 to see the Institute's Energy efficient campus, including the agriculture and horticulture, solar cooking, solar drying, briquette making and other energy saving technologies.

After refreshment of lemon squash, made from the lemons grown at the Institute, they were shown a film of the work  done by the charitable organization based in Indore  Sahayta by  renowned social worker  Anil Bhandari.

 DR. S.N. Subba Rao was welcomed to the Institute with a gift of a coulourful mobile made from waste material from the cutting and tailoring class by the trainees of the Institute.

In his speech to the youth and the young women students of Barli development Institute for Rural Women, he commended the role of  the Institute in  educating and empowering  the young rural and tribal girls and bringing them to the main stream of the country. He also admired Baha’ulla’h the founder prophet of  Baha’i Faith as it promotes oneness of religions and mankind as working towards unity and peace.!

Before leaving he wrote in Barli's visitors book.
After visiting a Gurudwara, A Masjid, a Church and a Temple, today 153 young men and women from 14 states came to this “Work Culture” Temple and felt very happy.
Love to all of  you."  Dr. SN Subba Rao

Dr.Janak McGilliligan Mr. Anil Bhandari











Mahatma Gandhi Still lives through the lives of many dedicated soldiers of peace , such as one of the most Popular and Dynamic Youth Leader , Dr. S. N. Subba Rao A fellow of Gandhi Peace Foundation, and founder of National Youth Project.
He  inspires and lifts up  the spirit of youth in the world for building a new society based on love, peace, Harmony and Social justice.
Every one affectionately calls him "Bhai Ji " Meaning 'Elder Brother' and he reciprocates their love with equal abandon. That is why a personal bond is quickly formed between him and any one who meets him.