The Parents Meet (26 - 28 February 2013)
137 parents of Barli's trainees attend the 3-day workshop and reflection conference
Barli Institute's campus was abuzz with
activities as the trainees met their parents
after 3 months and discussed their learnings
and changes  since past 3 months. The
empowerment of tribal and rural women and
making them agents of social change in the
communities has been the primary objective
of Barli Development Institute since its
inception. To fulfill this objective and carry
forward this mission Barli Institute invited the
parents and family members of the trainees
for a 3-day Parents’ Meet from 26 to 28 Feb
The programme was attended by more than 137 parents and family members accompanied by their 70
daughters (women trainees). During these three days, the parents who came from 32 villages of Alirajpur,
Khargone, Dhar, Sehore, Badwani, Dewas and Indore districts of Madhya Pradesh saw and experienced
first-hand the positive impacts of the Institute’s training on their daughters since past 3 months. They came to
know about the different activities and training interventions implemented by the Institute by being actually
involved in the activities. The main objective of this meeting was to give the parents an opportunity to observe
the Institute’s programs, feel its environment, and ensure support and follow-up from them towards their
daughters when they return home after the 6-month training. It also aims to seek their views, inputs and
feedback to further enhance its programmes
The parents were welcomed by Mrs. Tahera Jadhav
(Director). She said that since past eighteen years
the institute has been organizing Parents Meetings
at the end of the first three months of their course.
She said that the Institute’s training methodologies
are inspired by Baha’i’ teachings and briefed the
parents about the history of the Institute. The Chief
Operating Officer Mr Yogesh Jadhav requested all
the parents to support their daughters in their
developmental endeavors even after the six months
training back home.
The parents and family members also shared their
experiences with each other through an interactive
session. Some of which are given here:

- Brother of Ms. Pinki Dawar from Alirajpur said that
– “I am very happy that spiritual education is also a
part f the Barli curriculum. I am also surprised to see
so many positive changes in my sister in such a
short time.”

- Puni’s uncle from Alirajpur said that: “I am amazed
to see the confidence in my sister. She has learnt
stitching, good health practices, organic agriculture
and use of solar energy. I am sure that all this
knowledge will benefit her future life. I was also
amazed to see people from different areas of
Madhya Pradesh speaking Bhilali, Nimadi and
other dialects. I could experience the unity and
oneness in the thinking and mission of the Institute.”

- Sister of Janki , Ms. Laxmi Tomar said ,”My sister
showed me the clothes she stitched and she could
name even the smallest parts of the sewing
machine. I am very happy at her progress.”
After sharing these and many other experiences the parents took leave of their daughters after having their
lunch. Through organizing the Parents meeting twice a year, the Institute gets a feedback from the parents
about the training methodology which also helps the institute to evaluate the program and refine it further for
the next batch.