A family meeting of 110 tribal parents organized at
Barli Development Institute
Barli Development Institute for Rural Women
organized a parents cum family gathering from
13th September 2012 to 15th September 2012 in
their campus located at 180, Bhamori, New Dewas
road. In this gathering 110 parents and family
members coming from 57 villages gathered to
meet their daughters to share their learnings of
the past 3 months of their training at the Institute.
These women have been undergoing a six-month
training course at the Institute and have been
learning various life skills contributing to their
all-round empowerment.
On this occasion, the Institute gave the
parents a birds eye view of their
teaching curriculum and training
methodologies which included various
presentations on Literacy, Training,
Health awareness, Cutting and
Tailoring, Organic farming
demonstrations, use of solar energy,
moral value based education, which
were blended with cultural songs and
performances. Through this meeting,
the parents also got a first-hand
insight into the changes evident in
their daughters during the past three
They were happy to see their daughters literate,
self-confident and self-assertive. The parents were
also invited to share their views and to give
feedback on their experiences. The experiences of
some parents and trainees are as follows:--
- Ms Anita from Alirajpur district said, “At Barli,
trainees learn so many things from literacy to
cutting and tailoring, from organic faming to solar
energy. I was the first one to arrive here in this
batch, and wish to say that I will continue to use the
valuable knowledge gained here and make my
village an ideal one”.

- Mr Verma (the father of trainee Ms Varsha Verma)
from Khargone said, “I have no words to express my
feelings about the changes I have seen in my
daughter during these three months. I want her to
study further and learn newer skills.”
- Ms. Rani from Khandwa district said, “The training
here truly empowers women and teaches them how
to live a really meaningful life. I thank Tahera didi
and Yogesh jijaji for providing us this opportunity to
learn and get inspired.”
The meeting was attended by 110 parents and 80 women trainees from 57 tribal villages of Indore, Dhar,
Alirajpur, Badwani, Khargone, Khandwa districts of Madhya Pradesh, and from Banswada (Rajasthan).