Cutting and Tailoring (Theory and Practical) in Hindi
Development of the Cutting and Tailoring Book
The Institute’s Cutting and Tailoring curriculum has been developed over the period of more than  23  years. It has emerged
out of a major challenge that there are a vast array of books on cutting and tailoring available in the market but mostly these
are  either professional courses for colleges and higher level or they are aimed at the level of students who have studied  at
least 8 -10 years or more at school.
Barli Institute’s priority target population being approximately 80 % of the illiterate tribal and rural women, the rest of them are
just literates/semiliterate and school drop outs, and thus it was very hard to train them using those books which were available.
Barli Institute  prepares its students for successful passing of the
National Institute of  Open Schooling (NIOS) Examination,
therefore it has  made a systematic effort to align its curricula  according to the  requirements of NIOS. National Institute of
Open Schooling, an autonomous organisation of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India
Even the  NIOS handbook does not give complete instruction in a manner easily understood to the trainees.  At the Institute,
curriculum material is developed and then each session is tested on the trainees. The main indicator was understanding the
content and put it into practice. In an interactive process of writing, field testing, consultation with experts in the field, and
rewriting, the manual has been developed and refined over the years.  
The manual is more comprehensive in approach to cutting and tailoring in that it also explains why certain techniques should be

Goals of Cutting and Tailoring  Manual

This manual is focused on development of human capacity to obtain the means of livelihood
Published by Barli Development Institute for Rural Women
This book can be purchased from Macmillian India Ltd or directly from the Barli Institute, price is 395 Indian Rupees plus
postage and packing. IBSN No. 0230634052
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To download the Introduction to the book, the Table of Contents, Acknowledgements and First Chapter of the Cutting and
Tailoring Manual in Hindi
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The Cutting and Tailoring Manual in Hindi was released on 9th March 2008 during a function  to mark the
conclusion of a 4 day workshop to celebrate International Women's Day.