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Learning to Teach Health (English Version)
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About the Health Manual.
This Development of the Health Manual
In May 2005 the Hindi and English versions of the Institute’s Health Curriculum were published. It met with great success, the
English has been sold in many countries, including Pakistan, Zambia, Qatar, China, USA and UK. The Hindi version has also
been appreciated in Madhya Pradesh and many other States of India. Several NGOs to have have already started using it.
The Institute's health curriculum, this manual has been developed over almost two decades through ccontinuous consultation
with trainees, trainers, health workers, professional and experienced social workers, doctors in Ayuveda, Allopathy,
Homeopathyand Naturopathy, academic experts in education, personnel working in the fields of women and health, and staff
and volunteers at the Institute. The process of developing this manual has also included rigorous field studies, cooperation
from national and international organizations, and various questions and queries asked by past trainees. The staff of Barli has
also been involved in the continuous collecting of indigenous knowledge from the trainees, their families and communities. This
includes the collection of local names of herbs, plants, food and diseases, as well as everyday items such as clothes so that
trainees can relate the manual to themselves. Special care has been taken to make the language of this manual simple,
understandable and accessible for the trainees.
The Institute health curriculum, this manual has been developed over almost two decades through continuous consultation with
To see the first 38 Pages of the manual which includes acknowledgments , table of contents and first sessions. click on this
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