This was a very special event in the lives of many of these rural and tribal women who had participated for
the first time in their lives in a Republic Day program, because they had come from very remote areas and
had never been to a school.
Celebration of the 64th Republic Day at the Institute
 The Institute celebrated the 64th Republic Day on
26th January 2013 at its campus (located at 180,
Bhamori, Indore). Since a week prior to the program  
the trainees had been busy preparing for the
event.The programme began at 9.30 a.m. The flag
hoisting was done by Ms. Saya Piplaj (village Kukria,
district Alirajpur) and Ms. Lalita Karma (village
Kannaud, district Dewas) accompanied by the
Director, chief operating officer and staff. The
objective of the flag hoisting by these physically
challenged women was to build their self-confidence
and to empower them.
In her inaugural speech, the Director of the Institute,
Mrs Tahera Jadhav congratulated the women-
trainees on this auspicious occasion. Elaborating
on the importance of the Republic Day, she said that
“on this day we all need to reassess our lives and
remember our national heroes by building a safe
and happy nation. Referring to the recent spates of
violence against women all over the country, she
said “we need to change our attitude towards
women, and regard them as equal to men". Drawing
inspiration from Baha'i Holy writings, she said that
equality of man and woman is not merely a
need, but a prerequisite for building a healthy
society today
The flag hoisting was followed by a cultural programme comprising of patriotic songs sung by trainees
“ye desh hai veer javanon ka” , “Sabarmati ke sant tune…” “kar chale hum fida” and a dance
based on song
“mera mulk, mera desh, mera ye watan” which were admired by one and all. The program
was coordinated by Ms Rekha (assistant trainer) and Ms Varsha. More than 100 people participated in the
program, which included trainees from 25 villages of Dhar, Alirajpur, Indore, Khargone and Badwani districts
of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and staff.
She stressed that the any nation who wants to progress ahead, needs to develop in all the three ways:
materially, intellectually as well as spiritually and inculcate the holistic human values, and ethics which are
enshrined in the Indian Constitution.