Celebration of World Enviornment Day at Barli Institute
5-6 June 2013
On the first day (June 5) the program started with a
prayer after which the guests were welcomed with
traditional artifacts made by the trainees. In her welcome
address, the Director of the Institute Mrs. Tahera
Jadhav said that the Barli Institute has always been a
lover of nature where solar energy is used as a
renewable energy resource and there is near-zero
wastage. She said that there is so much wisdom to learn
from nature, be it: the disciplined life of an ant, the hard
work of a honey bee or the selfless sacrifices of a tree…
Quoting from the Baha’i Spiritual Writings she said that it
is our fundamental responsibility as trustees and
stewards of environment to protect the immense natural
resources and biodiversity of the planet. She said that
to reduce wastages, mankind has to learn to bring
moderation and humility in all its actions.
The Chief Operating Officer Mr. Yogesh Jadhav gave a
detailed description of the efforts of the Barli Insitute over
the years for environmental conservation. He said that at
Barli, nothing is wasted: from vegetable peels to toilet
water - everything is recycled as far as possible. Citing
global food situation, he said that one-third of the food
produced in the world is wasted despite the fact that crores
of people are suffering from hunger. He also showcased
some documentary films released by the United Nations
Environment Program on the occasion, which were
appreciated by one and all. The Member of Board of
Directors of the Institute, Dr. (Mrs) Janak Palta McGiligan
congratulated the trainees on the occasion and shared
some experiences of her life. She encouraged the trainees
to adopt environment-friendly way of life said that the
learnings taught at Barli will stay with the for years to come.
The Chief guest Ms. Anupama Kaul
appreciated the efforts of  Barli
Institute for environmental protection.
She said that even today nearly
20000 children die everyday of
hunger in the world. This makes it
more important for us to take a
pledge that we will not waste food.
She congratulated the trainees for
their beautiful cultural program.
Cultural programs including songs and skits related to our responsibility towards the environment were also be
presented by the trainees. The program was attended by 55 tribal and rural women coming  from 19 villages of
various districts of Madhya Pradesh – Alirajpur, Dhar, Sehore, Khargone, Indore and Badwani.
Barli Institute celebrated the World Environment Day,
Barli Development Institute by organising a two-day
workshop on the theme of this year’s World Environment
Day as given by the United Nations Environment Program
(an agency of United Nations Organisation) titled: “Think,
Eat, Save” at the Institute’s premises at 10.30 a.m. on
June 5 , 2013. The Chief guest on the occasion was Ms.
Anupama Kaul, (Head: HR & Administration, Cummins
Turbo Technologies (CTT) Limited). Members of the
Board of directors of Barli Development Institute, and
staff of CTT were also present on the occasion.
The workshop concluded on 6th June, in which there was a training and expert session on organic farming by
renowned organic agriculturist: Mr. Ajit Kelkar (Director - Abhinav Manav Sansadhan evam Krishi Vikas Sansthaan).
Mr Kelkar spoke in Bhilali and Nimadi which was greatly received by the tribal audience. He explained the importance
of organic farming and its benefits to the environment. Stating the relevance of biogas technologies, he said that if
all the villages in the country use bio-gas, the enegry crisis of the country could be greatly reduced.
The trainees also expressed their creativity and ideas during a poster-making workshop on environment-related issues
on themes like:
mera gaon (my village), mera khet (my farm); meri Barli (my Barli ), etc. They also presented the
posters, and explained the rationale behind their creations.