International Women's Day celebrated at Barli Institute
8-9 March 2014
Barli Development Institute for Rural
Women celebrated the International
Women’s Day on March 8 , 2014 at its
campus. The chief guest on the occasion
was the  Superintendent of Police Mrs.
Maneesha Pathak Soni. DSP Kamlesh
Gupta,   DSP Nisha Reddy, Members of
the Board Dr. Geeta Handa and volunteer
from Germany Ms. Anna Richter were also  
present on the occasion.
The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day as given by the United Nations is “Equality for Women is
progress for all”. Several cultural programs, Painting workshop and screening of educative film on this theme were
organised at the institute on the occasion.
Throughout 2 days (8-9 March), the rural women-trainees were deliberating and consulting on various topics related
to women’s equality issues including right of women to education, womens’ health, role of women in society, and
expression of women’s freedom which culminated in a creative painting workshop on 9th March 2014.
The special guests were Ms Kamlesh Gupta (DSP, Indore Police), DSP Nisha Reddy, and Ms Anna Richter
(Germany). The guests were welcomed with traditional artefacts made by the tribal women-trainees. In her welcome
address, the Director of the Institute Mrs Tahera Jadhav expressed her hearty congratulations to the trainees and
said that this is a special day for all of them. She said that Women’s Day is a day of reminding ourselves of the
importance women in the society.  And women should be treated equally, be proactive and come forward to claim
their rights. Quoting from Baha’i spiritual writings, she said that the soul of man and woman are equal, hence
socially they must have equal rights. And that inequality in society can only be stopped when women would come
forward and claim their equality by becoming adequately educated, and self-reliant.
The chief guest Mrs Manisha Pathak Soni said that she was delighted to be part of this program and said that
she enjoys being able to meet all of the rural women. She said that the women-trainees have a very important
role to play in the society through use of the trainings being given at the Institute. Congratulating the trainees
she also appreciated the overall program and said that only if a woman becomes self-reliant, only then can the
family become progressive.